Food and Drug Administration launched a special rectification

Yesterday afternoon, the Food and Drug Administration Haikou city held a drug retailer prescription drug sales management will, District Food and Drug Administration, the drugstore chain, monomer drugstores and other responsible persons about three hundred people attended the meeting, the meeting of June the second phase of commitment to honor the 16th broadcast and comments on behalf of the pharmacy not with prescription sales of prescription drugs, as well as live on Hainan illegal sales of prescription drugs were returning to play. Meanwhile, the provincial Food and Drug Administration rectification of the contents of the announcement.

In addition, taking into account the needs of the masses chronic long-term medication and emergency disease outbreaks. Rectification convenience also includes two measures: First, the need for long-term use of drugs to control fixed and treatment of chronic disease medication, patients with valid medical records of the amount of prescription drug purchases. Second, emergency, first aid, emergency treatment medication, limited sales of prescription drugs can be measured twice. Above prescription drug sales must be approved by a licensed pharmacist review, and fill out the “prescription drug sales registration form.”

At the same time, nearly one thousand kinds of prescription drugs must be based on a list of sales and operating pharmacies can not be published medicines, pharmacies Municipal Food and Drug Administration requirements necessary to improve computer management system, all regulated by prescription sales of prescription drugs, and should not be included in pharmaceutical sales system, and set the alarm system in the event of the sale of these illegal sales of drugs, play a reminder.

Illegally selling prescription drugs will be fined

Yesterday, Hainan Kwong Tong large pharmacy chain management company stores of gold, because the wind and the illegal sale of illegal prescription drugs, was sentenced to $ 1000 top grid penalty Longhua District, Haikou and Food and Drug Administration issued “shall order a correction notice.”

June 20, the media reporter unannounced visits found that Kwong Tong large pharmacy chain management company Gold Disk branches exist “No prescription sales of prescription drugs,” the situation. June 21, Longhua District Food and Drug Administration raided Kwong Tong large pharmacy chain stores gold plate. Investigation by law enforcement personnel at the scene, carefully access to the pharmacy computer sales records, found the store at 11:44 on June 20 sale of dry suspension of cefaclor box, but the store did not provide a prescription or to be retained prescription photos, and copies. Law enforcement officers believe that the store does not exist prescription sales of prescription drugs and other illegal activities.

Law enforcement officers in accordance with the relevant provisions of the pharmacy impose $ 1000 top grid penalty, and issued “shall order a correction notice” requiring the pharmacy must be corrected immediately, prescription sales of prescription drugs. The pharmacy official said, according to the requirements of law enforcement officers immediate rectification in place, and giving top priority, according to norms of integrity management.

Pharmacy was investigated on illegal sales of prescription drugs

We continue to focus on commitment and honor. In the June 16 broadcast of the second phase of “commitment and honor – the 2016 Clean political popularity of wind building social evaluation public evaluation” live, the evaluation on behalf of the exposure does not require a prescription pharmacy can sell single issues of prescription drugs raised concerns in the field, the head of the provincial Food and Drug Administration has also made a commitment that they will conduct a thorough investigation. But after the visit, the reporter interviewed found that the wind is still illegal pharmacies selling prescription drugs.

June 20, reporters once again visited the Haikou 10 pharmacies. We need to investigate these pharmacies with a prescription to prescription drugs as the cause of otitis media reporters to require sales staff cephalosporins, azithromycin and other anti-inflammatory prescription drugs, of which nine are pharmacies that they can not sell! However, only in this Guang’an Tong Dispensary Haikou gold plate on the road, when a reporter asked when purchase medicines for otitis media, sales directly to reporters come up with azithromycin and other prescription drugs, not asking reporters whether they hold a prescription, and also without any registration information. The next day after the broadcast, Longhua District, Haikou City, Food and Drug Administration first time on the road this gold plate Kwong Tong Dispensary were investigated.

Longhua District Food and Drug Administration in accordance with the “Drug supervision for circulation management approach” Article 38 and “Drug Administration Law” Article 78, first paragraph, of Guang’an Tong large pharmacy stores of gold, given a warning, ordered deadline for rectification, and the top grid penalty one thousand yuan fine. In addition, Li Zhuo Ye, as early as 2000, China promulgated the prescription and non-prescription drug management approach, without a doctor’s prescription regulations do not allow pharmacies to sell prescription drugs.

pharmacy prescription drug sales have been on the road

This year will take a variety of forms to promote the separation of medicine, prescription outflow restrictions prohibit hospitals, patients can choose in a hospital or outpatient pharmacy prescription to retail pharmacies; upstream level, bidding policy reforms to make pressure Alexander pharmaceutical companies, such as pharmaceutical step in Ningbo, Zhejiang has experienced over the years the only time all of annulment, the traditional hospital-based channels prescription drug companies need to open up new sales channels; the hospital level, the proportion of urban public hospitals and strictly control drug, the overall index in 2017 was the pilot hospitals to 30%; the level of patients, the doctor-patient conflicts intensified urgently alleviate the patient look deeper medicine and pharmacy services.

Changes in the environment, such favorable factors continue to focus on retail pharmacies, prescription drugs become the new “air” the voice of pharmacy increasingly high, many industry insiders rejoice, including listed companies such people Dispensary, also in 2016, focusing on the layout of prescription drugs : promotion of prescription drugs accounted category, channel development company leading the provinces new drugs, severe chronic disease medication, hospital clinical medicine, the introduction of new drugs (DTP professional pharmacy) stores construction work.

But in the practical level, the good news has not been redeemed for real-world scenarios, prescription drugs on the road leaving the hospital once again by the hospital “cut and” hospital expense pharmacy overcrowding, DTP pharmacies Resources (Medicare brand new), on the drug (Public Association pharmacy), etc. Business chiefs of the world, retail pharmacies and did not get any benefit.

Medicines Policy increases industry concentration

“The current low single-digit growth in the pharmaceutical industry has become the new norm, part of the large-cap companies underestimate the value has been more adequately reflect market expectations, but the industry segments differentiation obvious trend for the better part of the field is still able to maintain a more fast growth, high valuation enjoy. “CICC healthcare industry researcher Zou Peng believe that it is entangled in the growth rate for the industry as a whole, low investment guidelines do not mean much, look for trends to the good segments, and focus on investment still able to obtain better excess returns.

“Under the current industrial policy, improve industry concentration is an inevitable trend, but medical prescriptions structure is also changing rapidly, giving way adjuvant therapeutic use.” Zou Peng said that the current institutional medicine positions at historic lows, still optimistic investment opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector, it is proposed to focus on prescription drugs and the leading business leader.

As a buyer of institutional investors, GF Fund equally optimistic about the pharmaceutical industry’s future development. “Under the policy support and an aging population in the larger environment, the pharmaceutical industry has great growth potential.” GF Securities medical Index Fund (502,056) fund manager Luo Guoqing pointed out that the total expenditure of the health share of GDP is slightly higher 5%, still nearly double the gap with developed countries, the future has a large room for improvement.

“This year the government will actively promote the deepening medical reform policy floor, benefiting from the relevant medical reform policies and industry of high economic, high-end medical services, prescription drugs, precision medical and other fields in line with health reform policy-oriented future with great growth potential.” Luo Guoqing expressed.

Be careful of counterfeit drugs

Because the network sale of drugs lacking a better regulatory system, in order to prevent the prevalence of counterfeit drugs, endangering the lives and safety of consumers, the regulatory system has not decentralization. After a few years, only a small number of chain pharmacies after another to obtain the operating license online pharmacies.

With the rapid development of the Internet, the network began sale of drugs to a third party platform tilt. State Food and Drug Administration, respectively, in November 12, 2013, July 7, 2014, July 25, 2014 to the Hebei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 95095 Goggles medicine platform, eight hundred square Guangzhou Information Technology Co., New Haven e-commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (the No. 1 Branch) awarded the “internet Drug third-party platform online retail pilot”, the equivalent of a pilot certificate. These platforms can recruit businesses to obtain Internet and drug transaction C permit pharmacies, consumer-oriented marketing of pharmaceuticals, and settled in the internet. In 2014, Alibaba acquired 95,095 pharmaceutical platform that allows Lynx medicine museum obtained legally as the sale of drugs.

It is understood that the Internet and drug transaction services qualification certificate by the China Food and Drug Administration to engage in Internet and drug transaction services business issued by the Internet and drug transaction services qualification certificate, the certificate is divided into A, B card, C card three. A certificate which has companies can only do “between drug manufacturers, drug distributors and medical institutions, internet service providers,” may not provide services to individual drug sales. B certificate companies have drugs available for transactions with other companies. C card companies have to provide import and non-prescription drug to consumers, namely the enterprise shall have retail pharmacies offline.

Why drug prices are so difficult to decline?

Last weekend, reports on the NDRC price department, former deputy inspector Jianying Guo details bribery in the industry spread: With its convenient identity Director of NDRC pricing policies and regulations and price, deputy inspector-based pharmaceutical pricing, suspected of accepting bribes 1064 million, involving 58 pharmaceutical companies, including Yunnan Baiyao, the daughter of medicine, and other well-known companies. This allows the drug pricing issue again become the focus of heated debate, the reform of drug prices after 20 years why the price still so hard?

According to China Business News reported that the measures were taken more than a year later, the NDRC price department Jianying Guo, former deputy inspector in May this year, the first branch of the Beijing Municipal Procuratorate prosecuted. Jianying Guo details of the case show that the NDRC price department to the Director of Medicine at the price of identity, in the field of medicine price involved in corruption, drug prices and intervention through a variety of ways for enterprises to “help.” Suspected of accepting bribes 10.64 million yuan, involving 58 pharmaceutical companies, including Yunnan Baiyao, the daughter of medicine, CTQ and Wuliangye Group and other well-known companies. Jianying Guo since 1999, was promoted to Deputy Director of the original price of medical drugs at the State Planning Department of Price, who for many years in charge of research and medicine pricing policy director, recommendations and decisions.

In fact, the NDRC price department Jianying Guo is not known as “the first division” mechanism first sacked officials. After August 24, 2014, when the National Development and Reform Commission Secretary Cao Changqing price go back to Beijing, just off the plane he was taken in for questioning. Less than 40 days, the price Jianying Guo, deputy inspector, Cao Changqing succeed Liu Zhenqiu new Director, and two Deputy Director Zhou Wang Jun, Li talent has been taken away. They all have one thing in common: 5 people, at least four people and price-related medicine. Among them, Cao Changqing price department in charge for seven years, leading over drug prices adjust; Jianying Guo served as the Director of Pharmaceutical Department; Wang Jun Zhou and Liu Zhenqiu were served during the Deputy Director, in charge of over medicine prices.

Dingxi Decides to Make Chinese Medicine Industry Big and Strong

Astragalus catty only ten dollars, the value of a small box of tens of dollars after the slice processing, purification and processing into oral pack on the value of hundred dollars. Always in the “fields” make a fuss, so that the advantages Dingxi sitting on the main origin of Chinese herbal medicine industry has not play advantage, therefore, bigger and stronger traditional Chinese medicine industry is imperative. In recent years, the city issued a series of policies designed to create authentic ingredients brand Dingxi, Dingxi authentic ingredients to enhance the domestic and international market competitiveness.

In recent years, Dingxi City in the pharmaceutical industry in the field of nation-building in the province seize the development of the pharmaceutical industry comprehensive test pilot opportunities around the planting, processing, storage, testing and development, and other aspects of the transaction, the total investment plan implementation 32.6 billion yuan in 291 projects, more than ten billion yuan to build the whole industry chain. Especially the Second World Astragalus Forum held recently in Beijing, Gansu Dingxi authentic Astragalus eligible for the Chinese Medical Association certification. Cultivation, planting 149 acres of Chinese herbal medicines, which standardized planting 81 acres, 12 acres of the implementation of the insurance value of Chinese herbal medicine planting area for 15 consecutive years, ranking first in the prefecture-level cities.

Processing, the introduction of Tasly, Qizheng, Kyushu and a number of deep-processing enterprises, this year the construction of an annual output of 2 billion righting capsule production lines, 52 projects with a total investment of 19.3 billion yuan, has completed an investment of 3.45 billion yuan. Currently, the city has 196 processing enterprises, of which 59 passed the GMP certification, the annual processing 250,000 tons of Chinese herbal medicines Longxi party transit medicine and other 10 enterprises have formula granule production capacity. Warehousing, play north south medicine storage advantages, static storage capacity of 850,000 tons. R & D testing, inaugurated the provincial Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Chinese herbal medicines, seeds and seedlings testing center and Dingxi Modern Medicine Development Institute, Angelica Sinensis, righting eligible known trademarks in China, built in the province, municipal engineering and technology research in medicine Center 40, 106 patent applications received authorization 75, has more than 30 scientific research through the provincial appraisal. Market transactions, and built the first Yang Longxi real estate medicine market and Angelica Sinensis City and other five professional trading market and 15 farmers market last year, 550,000 tons of Chinese herbal medicines transactions, turnover of 10.9 billion yuan. Currently under construction in Gansu Chinese herbal medicines for commodity trading center, relying Jiang to Chinese herbal medicine group index construction projects to further improve the Chinese herbal medicine “Gansu price” influence.
At the same time, Chinese herbal medicine processing Dingxi City has been the traditional way of sorting, cleaning, cutting, etc., into a Chinese herbal medicines Pieces purified extract extraction, volatile oil extracted and refined deepen processing, and processing of value-added benefits are obvious, traditional Chinese medicine industry accounted for the proportion of the city’s farmers’ per capita net income increased year by year. Advantage in the focus areas, farmers planting Chinese herbal medicines per capita net income of farmers income accounted for the proportion was more than 50%, Weiyuan, Zhangxian Minxian medicines per capita net income of farmers income accounted for 46%, 53%, 57.8%, especially in some major producing towns higher proportion Minxian Meichuan town more than 80%, the first township of Longxi more than 70%, and some herbs village income accounted for almost 90% of the income of farmers.

Province officially launched the national standardization of traditional Chinese medicine project

Shanxi Zhendong, chairman of the health industry groups, trade associations, president of Shanxi Province, Chinese herbal medicine Li Anping said that the task of Shanxi Chinese herbal medicine industry associations is to seriously develop the standards, vigorously promote the standardization of construction, in terms of production, the need to develop mining medicines income, place of origin and processing norms and standards, the development of Chinese herbal medicines grading standards, the development of traditional Chinese medicine packaging and storage specifications. By demonstrating the implementation of research projects and the introduction of standardized, with the laws and regulations to carry out supervision, to solve the most important issue of the presence of Chinese herbal medicine production and circulation. The implementation of the project will improve China’s Shanxi Province and even the quality of Chinese products, leading the Chinese medicine industry overall quality and efficiency.

Shanxi is an important country of origin of Chinese herbal medicines, planting a long history, known as “Northern Medicine,” he said. According to statistics, the province’s existing 1456 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, traditional Chinese gross domestic data amount to 8.7%, of which there are 30 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines belong to authentic ingredients, accounting for 15% of the country. Astragalus, forsythia, skullcap, Bupleurum, Polygalaceae, Codonopsis, Sophora are industry-renowned Shanxi produced authentic ingredients. We can say that nature has given Shanxi a treasure house of Chinese herbal medicines.

Li Anping do report meeting that “not only the coal resources in Shanxi Province, as well as good quality of traditional Chinese herbal medicines and cultural tourism resources, but the world has not yet been found.” Shanxi Chinese Medicinal Industry Association survey found that traditional Chinese medicine in Shanxi Province rich in material resources, but the status of the level of industrial development and medicine resources province does not match, compared with herbs province province, there is a big gap. In addition, the lack of processing capacity in Shanxi Chinese herbal medicine industry, a small number of processing enterprises, small scale, poor ability to stimulate industrial growth rate far below the national average growth rate.

Yunnan will build the country’s well-known Chinese herbal medicines

“The Yunnan erigeron, re-building Yunnan, Yunnan Dendrobium, Zhaotong Tianma and other well-known traditional Chinese medicine into a national brand.” On 22 May, the Office of Science and Technology of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province party secretary Li Hongmin “emerging industries, and promote across the” series of press conference the case said.

Yunnan, known as the “Kingdom of Plants”, “biological gene bank”, “rural medicine” reputation, with the development of biomedical and large health industry resources, location, climate, environment, culture, tourism and other multiple advantages, the territory of natural medicine 6559 kinds of resources, accounting for 51.4% of the total number of species, 2,000 kinds of folk medicine resources, there are more than 10,000 civil prescription, it is the world’s most biologically diverse, one of the most concentrated areas.

Yunnan is facing South Asia Southeast Asia open to the radiation center, backed by a large Chinese market of 1.3 billion people, a large market for South and Southeast Asia two billion people, the advantage is very prominent. Li Hongmin, the “Yunnan advantage, highlighting the characteristics and development of bio-pharmaceutical major health industry, both to protect Guanghui, but also the development of gold and silver mines, the fruits of development to benefit the masses.”