Be careful of counterfeit drugs

Because the network sale of drugs lacking a better regulatory system, in order to prevent the prevalence of counterfeit drugs, endangering the lives and safety of consumers, the regulatory system has not decentralization. After a few years, only a small number of chain pharmacies after another to obtain the operating license online pharmacies.

With the rapid development of the Internet, the network began sale of drugs to a third party platform tilt. State Food and Drug Administration, respectively, in November 12, 2013, July 7, 2014, July 25, 2014 to the Hebei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 95095 Goggles medicine platform, eight hundred square Guangzhou Information Technology Co., New Haven e-commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (the No. 1 Branch) awarded the “internet Drug third-party platform online retail pilot”, the equivalent of a pilot certificate. These platforms can recruit businesses to obtain Internet and drug transaction C permit pharmacies, consumer-oriented marketing of pharmaceuticals, and settled in the internet. In 2014, Alibaba acquired 95,095 pharmaceutical platform that allows Lynx medicine museum obtained legally as the sale of drugs.

It is understood that the Internet and drug transaction services qualification certificate by the China Food and Drug Administration to engage in Internet and drug transaction services business issued by the Internet and drug transaction services qualification certificate, the certificate is divided into A, B card, C card three. A certificate which has companies can only do “between drug manufacturers, drug distributors and medical institutions, internet service providers,” may not provide services to individual drug sales. B certificate companies have drugs available for transactions with other companies. C card companies have to provide import and non-prescription drug to consumers, namely the enterprise shall have retail pharmacies offline.

Using herbs requires a physician’s help

Recently, Zhangjiagang Mr Tsang has just finished production for the fumigation bath with wormwood wife, did not think the two are poisoned, weak twitch, a narrow escape. These days, it trending on Weibo, aroused hot friends: Herbal exactly how to use? How much use? Yesterday, the reporter asked about the matter, Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital pharmacy doctor.

Mr Tsang will just finished production of his wife and children, home from the hospital confinement. He heard Useful wormwood maternal fumigation bath tradition to buy wormwood, shut the doors and windows at home for his wife smoked wormwood bubble bath.

Before long, both hands and feet become soft symptoms, they are struggling with the body to open the door for help, was found after treatment wormwood poisoning. Local experts concluded that Mr Tsang may be too much for the amount of wormwood smoked bubble, the couple is in the windows and doors closed and the small size of the room, the air does not circulate lead poisoning.

Huang Fang, is a director of Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital pharmacy pharmacists. She told reporters, now comes the prevailing season wormwood, wormwood, also known as mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris, Compositae Ai leaves. Oral with the temperature by bleeding, pain and cold, cough and asthma, stanch miscarriage and other effects, can dampness itching topical, warm the Tongmai treatment of eczema itching and other effects.