Why drug prices are so difficult to decline?

Last weekend, reports on the NDRC price department, former deputy inspector Jianying Guo details bribery in the industry spread: With its convenient identity Director of NDRC pricing policies and regulations and price, deputy inspector-based pharmaceutical pricing, suspected of accepting bribes 1064 million, involving 58 pharmaceutical companies, including Yunnan Baiyao, the daughter of medicine, and other well-known companies. This allows the drug pricing issue again become the focus of heated debate, the reform of drug prices after 20 years why the price still so hard?

According to China Business News reported that the measures were taken more than a year later, the NDRC price department Jianying Guo, former deputy inspector in May this year, the first branch of the Beijing Municipal Procuratorate prosecuted. Jianying Guo details of the case show that the NDRC price department to the Director of Medicine at the price of identity, in the field of medicine price involved in corruption, drug prices and intervention through a variety of ways for enterprises to “help.” Suspected of accepting bribes 10.64 million yuan, involving 58 pharmaceutical companies, including Yunnan Baiyao, the daughter of medicine, CTQ and Wuliangye Group and other well-known companies. Jianying Guo since 1999, was promoted to Deputy Director of the original price of medical drugs at the State Planning Department of Price, who for many years in charge of research and medicine pricing policy director, recommendations and decisions.

In fact, the NDRC price department Jianying Guo is not known as “the first division” mechanism first sacked officials. After August 24, 2014, when the National Development and Reform Commission Secretary Cao Changqing price go back to Beijing, just off the plane he was taken in for questioning. Less than 40 days, the price Jianying Guo, deputy inspector, Cao Changqing succeed Liu Zhenqiu new Director, and two Deputy Director Zhou Wang Jun, Li talent has been taken away. They all have one thing in common: 5 people, at least four people and price-related medicine. Among them, Cao Changqing price department in charge for seven years, leading over drug prices adjust; Jianying Guo served as the Director of Pharmaceutical Department; Wang Jun Zhou and Liu Zhenqiu were served during the Deputy Director, in charge of over medicine prices.

His Method is Useful for Preventing Mosquitoes

The use of certain mosquitoes hate the smell of traditional Chinese medicine or plant to mosquito repellent, but also many people respected method. Online presentation insect or plant medicine, many varieties, including sandalwood seeds, leaves, mint, basil and so on.

According to reports, Wormwood contains volatile substances that can emit a smell similar to DEET, mosquito do not love Zhanre. However, this area must be large odor release, distributing valid generally in such a way after the dried leaves smoked lit room. Mint, basil and other plant stems and leaves contain peppermint, menthol, menthone and other chemicals, including mosquito flies smell will turn to escape after smelling this smell.

MO Jian-chu said that traditional Chinese medicine or plant repellent, some really useful, such as mint, it secretes breath, mosquitoes will be expelled. But how repellent medicine, the better it? In this regard, one of our neighbors around have more say.