pharmacy prescription drug sales have been on the road

This year will take a variety of forms to promote the separation of medicine, prescription outflow restrictions prohibit hospitals, patients can choose in a hospital or outpatient pharmacy prescription to retail pharmacies; upstream level, bidding policy reforms to make pressure Alexander pharmaceutical companies, such as pharmaceutical step in Ningbo, Zhejiang has experienced over the years the only time all of annulment, the traditional hospital-based channels prescription drug companies need to open up new sales channels; the hospital level, the proportion of urban public hospitals and strictly control drug, the overall index in 2017 was the pilot hospitals to 30%; the level of patients, the doctor-patient conflicts intensified urgently alleviate the patient look deeper medicine and pharmacy services.

Changes in the environment, such favorable factors continue to focus on retail pharmacies, prescription drugs become the new “air” the voice of pharmacy increasingly high, many industry insiders rejoice, including listed companies such people Dispensary, also in 2016, focusing on the layout of prescription drugs : promotion of prescription drugs accounted category, channel development company leading the provinces new drugs, severe chronic disease medication, hospital clinical medicine, the introduction of new drugs (DTP professional pharmacy) stores construction work.

But in the practical level, the good news has not been redeemed for real-world scenarios, prescription drugs on the road leaving the hospital once again by the hospital “cut and” hospital expense pharmacy overcrowding, DTP pharmacies Resources (Medicare brand new), on the drug (Public Association pharmacy), etc. Business chiefs of the world, retail pharmacies and did not get any benefit.

Chinese herbal medicine GAP

Some time ago, there have been media said the GAP will be canceled. “But this is not a matter, not only did not cancel the GAP, but also to strengthen, but the system is modified to record the authentication system.” China Food and Drug Administration, former deputy director, Chinese herbal medicine GAP active promoter of any right to tell the German blue game Parker.

May 7, led by the Chinese Academy of Food and Drug test test of Chinese folk medicine, Chinese medicine in the field of joint industry-renowned scholars, some provinces and cities of the Drug Inspection Institute, the industry outstanding enterprises co-sponsored Chinese medicine Association of Chinese Medicine Quality and Safety professional Committee was formally established in Beijing, held over the same period of the “second Chinese medicine quality control and risk management symposium.”

At the meeting, informed tournament blue cypress, Chinese herbal medicines GAP record management process of being revised, preliminary filing system is scheduled to be January 1, 2017 the Executive Board in charge of the provincial Chinese medicine GAP filing work.

January 1, 2016 accepted, site inspection, comprehensive assessment to meet the requirements, release inspection notice.

Moral rights, said as early as three years ago, CFDA has commissioned the relevant departments of the new GAP standard revision. Record-keeping system to document being drafted.

Moral right to tell blue game Parker, Chinese herbal medicine GAP started in 1998 and 2001, WHO convened the relevant GAP conferences in Canada, China introduced the meeting GAP document being drafted, caused a strong reaction in more than 30 countries in attendance.

In 2002, WHO called on countries to undertake GAP in the official documents of the first attachment, is China’s experience in presentation documents, it can be said, at the time of global GMP, GSP, GLP and other certification system, China is the only GAP ahead of a global, others have followed international run.