Yunnan will build the country’s well-known Chinese herbal medicines

“The Yunnan erigeron, re-building Yunnan, Yunnan Dendrobium, Zhaotong Tianma and other well-known traditional Chinese medicine into a national brand.” On 22 May, the Office of Science and Technology of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province party secretary Li Hongmin “emerging industries, and promote across the” series of press conference the case said.

Yunnan, known as the “Kingdom of Plants”, “biological gene bank”, “rural medicine” reputation, with the development of biomedical and large health industry resources, location, climate, environment, culture, tourism and other multiple advantages, the territory of natural medicine 6559 kinds of resources, accounting for 51.4% of the total number of species, 2,000 kinds of folk medicine resources, there are more than 10,000 civil prescription, it is the world’s most biologically diverse, one of the most concentrated areas.

Yunnan is facing South Asia Southeast Asia open to the radiation center, backed by a large Chinese market of 1.3 billion people, a large market for South and Southeast Asia two billion people, the advantage is very prominent. Li Hongmin, the “Yunnan advantage, highlighting the characteristics and development of bio-pharmaceutical major health industry, both to protect Guanghui, but also the development of gold and silver mines, the fruits of development to benefit the masses.”

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