Illegally selling prescription drugs will be fined

Yesterday, Hainan Kwong Tong large pharmacy chain management company stores of gold, because the wind and the illegal sale of illegal prescription drugs, was sentenced to $ 1000 top grid penalty Longhua District, Haikou and Food and Drug Administration issued “shall order a correction notice.”

June 20, the media reporter unannounced visits found that Kwong Tong large pharmacy chain management company Gold Disk branches exist “No prescription sales of prescription drugs,” the situation. June 21, Longhua District Food and Drug Administration raided Kwong Tong large pharmacy chain stores gold plate. Investigation by law enforcement personnel at the scene, carefully access to the pharmacy computer sales records, found the store at 11:44 on June 20 sale of dry suspension of cefaclor box, but the store did not provide a prescription or to be retained prescription photos, and copies. Law enforcement officers believe that the store does not exist prescription sales of prescription drugs and other illegal activities.

Law enforcement officers in accordance with the relevant provisions of the pharmacy impose $ 1000 top grid penalty, and issued “shall order a correction notice” requiring the pharmacy must be corrected immediately, prescription sales of prescription drugs. The pharmacy official said, according to the requirements of law enforcement officers immediate rectification in place, and giving top priority, according to norms of integrity management.

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