Province officially launched the national standardization of traditional Chinese medicine project

Shanxi Zhendong, chairman of the health industry groups, trade associations, president of Shanxi Province, Chinese herbal medicine Li Anping said that the task of Shanxi Chinese herbal medicine industry associations is to seriously develop the standards, vigorously promote the standardization of construction, in terms of production, the need to develop mining medicines income, place of origin and processing norms and standards, the development of Chinese herbal medicines grading standards, the development of traditional Chinese medicine packaging and storage specifications. By demonstrating the implementation of research projects and the introduction of standardized, with the laws and regulations to carry out supervision, to solve the most important issue of the presence of Chinese herbal medicine production and circulation. The implementation of the project will improve China’s Shanxi Province and even the quality of Chinese products, leading the Chinese medicine industry overall quality and efficiency.

Shanxi is an important country of origin of Chinese herbal medicines, planting a long history, known as “Northern Medicine,” he said. According to statistics, the province’s existing 1456 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, traditional Chinese gross domestic data amount to 8.7%, of which there are 30 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines belong to authentic ingredients, accounting for 15% of the country. Astragalus, forsythia, skullcap, Bupleurum, Polygalaceae, Codonopsis, Sophora are industry-renowned Shanxi produced authentic ingredients. We can say that nature has given Shanxi a treasure house of Chinese herbal medicines.

Li Anping do report meeting that “not only the coal resources in Shanxi Province, as well as good quality of traditional Chinese herbal medicines and cultural tourism resources, but the world has not yet been found.” Shanxi Chinese Medicinal Industry Association survey found that traditional Chinese medicine in Shanxi Province rich in material resources, but the status of the level of industrial development and medicine resources province does not match, compared with herbs province province, there is a big gap. In addition, the lack of processing capacity in Shanxi Chinese herbal medicine industry, a small number of processing enterprises, small scale, poor ability to stimulate industrial growth rate far below the national average growth rate.

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