Dingxi Decides to Make Chinese Medicine Industry Big and Strong

Astragalus catty only ten dollars, the value of a small box of tens of dollars after the slice processing, purification and processing into oral pack on the value of hundred dollars. Always in the “fields” make a fuss, so that the advantages Dingxi sitting on the main origin of Chinese herbal medicine industry has not play advantage, therefore, bigger and stronger traditional Chinese medicine industry is imperative. In recent years, the city issued a series of policies designed to create authentic ingredients brand Dingxi, Dingxi authentic ingredients to enhance the domestic and international market competitiveness.

In recent years, Dingxi City in the pharmaceutical industry in the field of nation-building in the province seize the development of the pharmaceutical industry comprehensive test pilot opportunities around the planting, processing, storage, testing and development, and other aspects of the transaction, the total investment plan implementation 32.6 billion yuan in 291 projects, more than ten billion yuan to build the whole industry chain. Especially the Second World Astragalus Forum held recently in Beijing, Gansu Dingxi authentic Astragalus eligible for the Chinese Medical Association certification. Cultivation, planting 149 acres of Chinese herbal medicines, which standardized planting 81 acres, 12 acres of the implementation of the insurance value of Chinese herbal medicine planting area for 15 consecutive years, ranking first in the prefecture-level cities.

Processing, the introduction of Tasly, Qizheng, Kyushu and a number of deep-processing enterprises, this year the construction of an annual output of 2 billion righting capsule production lines, 52 projects with a total investment of 19.3 billion yuan, has completed an investment of 3.45 billion yuan. Currently, the city has 196 processing enterprises, of which 59 passed the GMP certification, the annual processing 250,000 tons of Chinese herbal medicines Longxi party transit medicine and other 10 enterprises have formula granule production capacity. Warehousing, play north south medicine storage advantages, static storage capacity of 850,000 tons. R & D testing, inaugurated the provincial Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Chinese herbal medicines, seeds and seedlings testing center and Dingxi Modern Medicine Development Institute, Angelica Sinensis, righting eligible known trademarks in China, built in the province, municipal engineering and technology research in medicine Center 40, 106 patent applications received authorization 75, has more than 30 scientific research through the provincial appraisal. Market transactions, and built the first Yang Longxi real estate medicine market and Angelica Sinensis City and other five professional trading market and 15 farmers market last year, 550,000 tons of Chinese herbal medicines transactions, turnover of 10.9 billion yuan. Currently under construction in Gansu Chinese herbal medicines for commodity trading center, relying Jiang to Chinese herbal medicine group index construction projects to further improve the Chinese herbal medicine “Gansu price” influence.
At the same time, Chinese herbal medicine processing Dingxi City has been the traditional way of sorting, cleaning, cutting, etc., into a Chinese herbal medicines Pieces purified extract extraction, volatile oil extracted and refined deepen processing, and processing of value-added benefits are obvious, traditional Chinese medicine industry accounted for the proportion of the city’s farmers’ per capita net income increased year by year. Advantage in the focus areas, farmers planting Chinese herbal medicines per capita net income of farmers income accounted for the proportion was more than 50%, Weiyuan, Zhangxian Minxian medicines per capita net income of farmers income accounted for 46%, 53%, 57.8%, especially in some major producing towns higher proportion Minxian Meichuan town more than 80%, the first township of Longxi more than 70%, and some herbs village income accounted for almost 90% of the income of farmers.

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