Food and Drug Administration launched a special rectification

Yesterday afternoon, the Food and Drug Administration Haikou city held a drug retailer prescription drug sales management will, District Food and Drug Administration, the drugstore chain, monomer drugstores and other responsible persons about three hundred people attended the meeting, the meeting of June the second phase of commitment to honor the 16th broadcast and comments on behalf of the pharmacy not with prescription sales of prescription drugs, as well as live on Hainan illegal sales of prescription drugs were returning to play. Meanwhile, the provincial Food and Drug Administration rectification of the contents of the announcement.

In addition, taking into account the needs of the masses chronic long-term medication and emergency disease outbreaks. Rectification convenience also includes two measures: First, the need for long-term use of drugs to control fixed and treatment of chronic disease medication, patients with valid medical records of the amount of prescription drug purchases. Second, emergency, first aid, emergency treatment medication, limited sales of prescription drugs can be measured twice. Above prescription drug sales must be approved by a licensed pharmacist review, and fill out the “prescription drug sales registration form.”

At the same time, nearly one thousand kinds of prescription drugs must be based on a list of sales and operating pharmacies can not be published medicines, pharmacies Municipal Food and Drug Administration requirements necessary to improve computer management system, all regulated by prescription sales of prescription drugs, and should not be included in pharmaceutical sales system, and set the alarm system in the event of the sale of these illegal sales of drugs, play a reminder.

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