Chinese herbal medicine GAP

Some time ago, there have been media said the GAP will be canceled. “But this is not a matter, not only did not cancel the GAP, but also to strengthen, but the system is modified to record the authentication system.” China Food and Drug Administration, former deputy director, Chinese herbal medicine GAP active promoter of any right to tell the German blue game Parker.

May 7, led by the Chinese Academy of Food and Drug test test of Chinese folk medicine, Chinese medicine in the field of joint industry-renowned scholars, some provinces and cities of the Drug Inspection Institute, the industry outstanding enterprises co-sponsored Chinese medicine Association of Chinese Medicine Quality and Safety professional Committee was formally established in Beijing, held over the same period of the “second Chinese medicine quality control and risk management symposium.”

At the meeting, informed tournament blue cypress, Chinese herbal medicines GAP record management process of being revised, preliminary filing system is scheduled to be January 1, 2017 the Executive Board in charge of the provincial Chinese medicine GAP filing work.

January 1, 2016 accepted, site inspection, comprehensive assessment to meet the requirements, release inspection notice.

Moral rights, said as early as three years ago, CFDA has commissioned the relevant departments of the new GAP standard revision. Record-keeping system to document being drafted.

Moral right to tell blue game Parker, Chinese herbal medicine GAP started in 1998 and 2001, WHO convened the relevant GAP conferences in Canada, China introduced the meeting GAP document being drafted, caused a strong reaction in more than 30 countries in attendance.

In 2002, WHO called on countries to undertake GAP in the official documents of the first attachment, is China’s experience in presentation documents, it can be said, at the time of global GMP, GSP, GLP and other certification system, China is the only GAP ahead of a global, others have followed international run.

“Western medicine” sold back to Chinese market

German pharmaceutical companies with only a few dollars per kilogram price of the acquisition of a large number of Chinese rough leaves, deep processing made of cholesterol-lowering drugs, the price turned a somersault dozens; Cuban medicine “Liushen” developed by the Japanese transformation ” Jiuxin Dan “, the price was so expensive people speechless. China, however, more Chinese enterprises angry that the extraordinarily high prices of “Western medicine” actually very popular in the Chinese market, according to incomplete statistics, “Western medicine” Chinese medicine accounted for one-third of market share, and increased year by year trend. The same herbs, simply because after the “foreigners” in the hands, covered with a “dress” can be sold back to the domestic competition for the market, but also the traditional Chinese medicine products to fight off their feet, mouth foul smells really hard to swallow.

And “four great inventions”, as Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine has always been regarded as a treasure of traditional Chinese culture, the magical effect of foreigners to its curious and difficult to crack, the degree to become Chinese pride, the arrogance of others capital. Things did not expect the move, even this position was also lost a huge loss even resentful people imagined. But these things come back to inquire into the circumstances surrounding, suddenly I found that the root cause is actually still in his body. Fourth Clinical Medical College of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Dean Wang Chengxiang noted that compared to foreign drugs through the deep processing of value-added products improve, the domestic production of traditional Chinese medicine, mostly in the early stages of the rough, this is one; “Western medicine” packaging very stress, unlike the domestic Chinese pharmacy, often wrapped in brown paper with a thin trouble, at least give you a plastic bag, which is the second; another important reason is that foreign pharmaceutical companies generally emphasize quality standards, and this is precisely the domestic medicine biggest weakness industry, our so-called quality standards is often not the old Chinese paintings left side characters like quote it?

However, a glimpse of traditional Chinese medicine Sinopharm defeat in the “Western medicine” is more fundamental reason, that is the product of a fatal cut corners. Chinese medicine cultivation, harvesting, processing, each level are very particular about the quality and quantity of consumers who want to take medicine is both a pollution-free, but also a genuine medicine, Chinese enterprises can be a lot of domestic products simply can not pass these, this obviously with the hope that their overall market, and even the survival and development of the industry, away to others is no different.

The situation has been very clear that foreign pharmaceutical companies to adopt new methods of traditional Chinese medicine deep processing, fine packaging, the introduction of Chinese medicine “upgrade” to the quality win, to the credibility of the market, can not be simply interpreted as “Chinese people drilled loopholes “; the high-quality medicines and precious ancient prescriptions sold to foreigners, and without violently denounced as” traitors “, the key is that we should have a rational analysis and objective reflection and in-depth review: when foreign pharmaceutical research funding accounting for 15% -20% of annual sales, why our large pharmaceutical companies only 5% or less? When pharmaceutical companies throughout Japan and Germany using computer control to ensure stable and consistent quality of Chinese medicine, why most of our pharmaceutical companies still use semi-automatic as well as manual production technology, resulting in drugs controllable always too low?

Using herbs requires a physician’s help

Recently, Zhangjiagang Mr Tsang has just finished production for the fumigation bath with wormwood wife, did not think the two are poisoned, weak twitch, a narrow escape. These days, it trending on Weibo, aroused hot friends: Herbal exactly how to use? How much use? Yesterday, the reporter asked about the matter, Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital pharmacy doctor.

Mr Tsang will just finished production of his wife and children, home from the hospital confinement. He heard Useful wormwood maternal fumigation bath tradition to buy wormwood, shut the doors and windows at home for his wife smoked wormwood bubble bath.

Before long, both hands and feet become soft symptoms, they are struggling with the body to open the door for help, was found after treatment wormwood poisoning. Local experts concluded that Mr Tsang may be too much for the amount of wormwood smoked bubble, the couple is in the windows and doors closed and the small size of the room, the air does not circulate lead poisoning.

Huang Fang, is a director of Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital pharmacy pharmacists. She told reporters, now comes the prevailing season wormwood, wormwood, also known as mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris, Compositae Ai leaves. Oral with the temperature by bleeding, pain and cold, cough and asthma, stanch miscarriage and other effects, can dampness itching topical, warm the Tongmai treatment of eczema itching and other effects.

His Method is Useful for Preventing Mosquitoes

The use of certain mosquitoes hate the smell of traditional Chinese medicine or plant to mosquito repellent, but also many people respected method. Online presentation insect or plant medicine, many varieties, including sandalwood seeds, leaves, mint, basil and so on.

According to reports, Wormwood contains volatile substances that can emit a smell similar to DEET, mosquito do not love Zhanre. However, this area must be large odor release, distributing valid generally in such a way after the dried leaves smoked lit room. Mint, basil and other plant stems and leaves contain peppermint, menthol, menthone and other chemicals, including mosquito flies smell will turn to escape after smelling this smell.

MO Jian-chu said that traditional Chinese medicine or plant repellent, some really useful, such as mint, it secretes breath, mosquitoes will be expelled. But how repellent medicine, the better it? In this regard, one of our neighbors around have more say.